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There’s Plenty to do on a Miami Vacation

Cruises, south beach, Cubans and of course beautiful people and parties! That is Miami. This south-eastern

Florida city is where everyone goes to play. Want to have some fun under the sun? This place is the one. This

city on the Atlantic coast doesn't really go easy on your pockets but it sure can give you the fresh air you were

looking for in that perfect vacation. Then again, there are several operators that offer affordable Miami tours so

you don’t really have to break the bank.


Accommodation is a little pricey here. A nice private double room would cost you around $140. You do get

budget accommodation for anything between $60 and $100. But, there’s happy news for the backpackers. You

can find a hostel dorm for $20-$30 to crash for a night.

If you are in Miami, you definitely need to try out the Cuban cuisine. You can easily find delicious Cuban food

for less than $10. Like elsewhere in America, there are loads of options for buying a decent meal for less than

$7 unless you are in the South Beach area where it costs you no less than $20 a mean. Each ride on the metro

rain or the bus costs $2.25

Miami being a popular destination, you are more likely to find a great package for flights and hotels. I'd

recommend you to sign up for alerts from a few travel agents and be a little flexible on the dates to make this

trip easier on your pocket. I strongly suggest you to purchase the Go Miami card if you want to indulge in loads

of sightseeing. You get unlimited admission to over 25 attractions for one price. The cards are good for 14 days.

Top things to see/do

This is reason why you want to go to Miami. The fun part. Here is a list of things you can do in Miami.

South Beach: This is the primary hotspot of the city. From shopping to partying, this upscale area is known for

the trendy shops and bars. SoBe is a little costlier than the rest of Miami but worth the cost. Given that topless

bathing is allowed which is, the quintessential Miami experience.

Everglades: Everglades National Park is one of the most unique public parks in the United States. This 1.5

million acre land is home to 14 endangered species including the American crocodile, the Florida panther and

the West Indian Manatee. There are several operators that offer Everglades Airboat tours where you can

experience an abundance of wildlife.

Coral Castle: This attraction was built by a Latvian-born Miami resident named Ed Leedskalnin as a monument

to his lover. After 28 years of effort, he introduced his 1100-ton coral creation to the world. It’s a bit of a trip

from downtown, but well worth the time.

Lounge on the beach : Besides South Beach, there are some additional waves to check out. Good spots include

Virginia South Beach, Haulover Beach (the only legal nude beach), and Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.

Go Clubbing: Well, this one is a no brainer. Miami is one of the best places to go clubbing in the world.

Usually, it costs $20 to $30 for a club entry and most drinks are around $10.

There is more to Miami than just this. You can visit the Vizcaya Museum, take the Underworld Tour, visit the

Ancient Spanish Monastery, visit Little Havana, explore the Florida Keys, stroll the Fruit and Spice Park, and

check out Coral Gables.

There is no doubt Miami is one of the best places to be on Earth. If planned well, this could also be a real pocket

friendly getaway. And we could be the ones to help you plan a fabulous vacation if you give us a call right



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