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Top Miami Tours that Make Your Vacation Memorable

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Top Miami Tours that Make Your Vacation Memorable

A Miami Bus Tour

There’s nothing like spending some days far away from your regular chores! And if you are looking for a place

where you can be yourself and relax completely, then nothing makes a better option than Miami. While there

are innumerable attractions in Miami that can make your day, some of the top Miami tours that vacationers fall

for are as follows:

Everglades National Park

If flawless views of wildlife are your primary lookout, then Everglades is the place to be! Moreover, the salient

sceneries of the tropical swamplands are something that will compel you to come here over and over again.

Everglades National Park is one of the much loved destinations for anybody who is planning an adventurous

trip. It has been chosen as a national park and is also renowned as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

On your visit here, you can indulge in various activities such as kayaking, biking and boating. And then, if you

want to experience the true essence of the Everglades, then get your feet wet by taking a slough slogging tour.

You may also take an airboat ride, feel the sudden gush of air as the boat takes speed and head to some of the

awesome attractions ever. Finally, don’t forget to visit the alligator farm and get the opportunity to interact with

the primordial giants.

Miami Bus Tours | Miami Double Decker Bus Tour

Seeing the pastel hued buildings of Miami Beach’s Art Deco Historic District is a dream come true for many

vacationers, preferably if they fit into the architecture enthusiast category. You may either take a self-guided

audio or a walking tour to travel around the 1930s architectural wonders. And if you feel that your tired feet

cannot carry you for long, take a double decker bus tour.

A bus tour covers some of the best attractions that Miami is home to and is a comfortable choice for budget

travelers. By taking a bus tour you have the freedom to hop-on and hop-off wherever you feel like and explore

the city’s gorgeous sights. In addition to the Art Deco District, bus tour also covers destinations like Coconut

Grove, Coral Gables, and Little Havana.

Its Beaches Everywhere

Miami and its incredible beaches are a treat to explore. There are plenty of options to dive, snorkel, kayak,

canoe, paddleboard, windsurf, or fish to your heart’s content. And for those who want to taste Miami’s water

adventure without getting their feet wet can take a glass bottom boat tour from the Visitors Center. Here, you

get the opportunity to explore the interesting sea creatures and stupendous coral reefs.

Tropical Wonders

Miami has something for everybody. Visit the Garden of Eden at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden and

discover its natural treasures. You may also visit Miami Seaquarium and swim with the jovial dolphins or greet

the extraordinary animals at Jungle Island. And to give a perfect end to your adventurous trip, there’s nothing

like exploring a wild world at Zoo Miami and spending time with its 2,000 inhabitants.

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