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Miami Bus Tours | Hop on Hop off Tour in Miami

The most convenient way of exploring diverse neighborhoods and stunning beaches of Miami are on hop on

hop off bus tours. You simply decide where you would like to hop on and hop off the bus, and you get to enjoy

sightseeing at your own convenient pace.

You can book a one-day or two-day pass and enjoy unlimited bus rides on the routes you have chosen. The Miami bus tour,

by the way will be a double-decker bus with an open top, which will provide 360° views and the chance to soak

up the sun.

Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour Highlights:

You get to tour Miami on top of a double-decker bus, which provides the convenience of hopping on and off at

spots along the route. This way you can customize your tour, explore more of the areas you like on foot, and

then get back on the bus. You can take unlimited rides along the route for the time allocated on your pass,

which can be as long as two days.

These routes usually cover, Little Havana, South Beach, Coral Gables, popular Miami avenues, Vizcaya Palace,

and much more. In the bus, you also get to hear live commentary and interesting information about the places

you pass by.

What to Expect on Hop on Hop off Tour of Miami by bus:

This tour combines the convenience of having great transport around the city and guided sightseeing. You can

get on and off the bus as many times you like along the route for the duration of your pass, while exploring

iconic landmarks, popular beaches, and diverse cultural neighborhoods.

You could also opt for tours that offer multiple route options. For instance, certain tours offer the City Route

and the Beach Route, which covers almost everything. On the City Route, you will find convenient stops at

Little Havana, and the fascinating Viscaya Palace, which is a huge estate having structures with Mediterranean

architecture and gardens with European influence.

On the other hand, the Beach Route takes you along the McArthur Causeway, where you can take in fascinating

views of Biscayne Bay. The bus tour will make stops at popular spots in Art Deco District, Bayside Soundscape

Park, Soho Beach Club, Lincoln Road Mall, Alton Road, Espanola Way, Freedom Tower, and along Ocean


Buses along the routes depart every half an hour, which means you can expect a bus coming along your way

after a short gap if you happen to hop off at a point. Each route takes about one and half hours to cover, and

your bus will have live commentary in English about the places you are passing by, and you can also listen to

audio in multiple languages.

When you want to explore Miami at your own pace, hop on hop off bus tour is your best option. You have the

convenience of bus transportation, which happens to provide a terrific vantage point on top to see the

fascinating sights. Secondly, you can explore any place along the route on foot by simply getting off the bus.


Open-top Miami Double Decker Bus Tour for Vacationers:

Experience the mystical sights and sounds of Miami in comfort by taking a hop-on hop-off bus tour. The

thoughtfully designed route takes you to prominent places of interest. Besides, the hop-on, hop-off facility

allows you to explore the best of the Magic City and that too at your own pace.

The informative and exciting commentary adds galore to your trip and ensures that you get to know the

historical facts about the city better. The open-top bus tours are tailored to show you all that’s unique in Miami,

including monuments, buildings, landmarks, as well as well-known attractions.

Top 8 Destinations that Miami Double Decker Bus Tours Cover

The 8 open top city tour is an ideal way through which you can explore the 8 local insights of the city including

Downtown Miami, South Beach, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Little Havana, Versace Mansion and Vizcaya


Downtown Miami beats with action as business, artistic, and leisure quests blend perfectly in the rapidly

growing Magic City’s setting.

 Located within the beautiful Miami Beach, South Beach has its individual charm. Popularly known as

Art Deco Playground this beach has something beyond the golden sand and colorful buildings.

 Coconut Grove is the primary neighborhood of Miami and even today it is noted for its picturesque


 The bus tour will take you past the Spanish Mediterranean style iconic mansions and you’ll identify the

actual reason behind Coral Gables being referred to as “The City Beautiful”.

 Hop-off from your bus and take a Little Havana walking tour to get the true essence of its Hispanic


 Once listed for $125 million, this Miami Beach manor was earlier owned by the late Gianni Versace.

Hop-off at this point of interest, shoot pictures and take back great memories from this mansion that was

sold for $41.5 million at an auction.

 Vizcaya Museum gets a good position on the tourist-o-meter, and calls for a visit. It is a good choice for

people with a passion for historic landmarks and buildings.

Why Choose the red Open-top Double Decker Bus Tours:

Whether you are visiting Miami for the first time or this is your 100th visit, you’ll love spending time here.

Vacationers prefer this tour as they can learn about the Magic City’s history, see its landmarks and attractions

and on the whole spend an eventful vacation. In fact, an open-top bus sightseeing tour is a hassle-free way to

explore the city. It also offers outstanding photo opportunities; hop-off wherever you wish to capture your

precious moments and take back fond memories from your trip. After all, it’s one of the favored ways to

explore the city’s points of interest at your own pace.

When you buy a ticket for the open-top city bus tours, it allows you to hop-on and hop-off at any destination

that favors you the most. This implies that you can plan for a flexible journey and explore the Magic City at

your leisure. Moreover, you can also tailor your sightseeing tour as per your interests.

What to expect from open-top bus tours?

Some of the privileges that you can get by taking this tour are as follows:

 Explore the top Miami attractions

 Flexibility to hop-on and hop-off as many times you want to

 Live English commentary

 Provision for e-tickets

 Free Little Havana Walking Tour

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