10 Reasons Why You should Go on a Miami Tour

Posted by www.MiamiTours.com on Dec 18th 2015

10 Reasons Why You should Go on a Miami Tour

Miami, the world’s most popular vacation spots, is a dream vacation destination. A Miami tour holds many

attractions, but what really sets this city apart is the ability to seduce you any time of the year. The pristine

beaches and sultry nightlife will entice you and make you yearn for more.

If you are wondering why Miami should be on top of your list of vacation destinations, here are the top 10


1. The Beautiful Beaches

Who wouldn’t love to pack bags and go on a vacation to the most interesting beaches around the world?

Miami has some of the finest beaches for everyone. Explore the beaches, get drenched, go swimming,

play beach volleyball, go surfing, scuba diving, or bodyboarding and enjoy the freedom and charm the

beaches have to offer.

2. Weather

Miami is sunny and warm throughout the year, which makes vacationing here a fun and relaxing

experience. The warm, pleasant climate means you pack less and have enough space to pack your shorts,

beachwear, sandals and some nightlife attire to enjoy this wonderful city to the hilt.

3. Music

From rock to electronic to Latin salsa, Miami has some of the widest ranges of musical experiences to

explore. The sun never sets here. So enjoy some good music and lose yourself to the rhythm and


4. Parties

Holiday goers and parties go together like sunshine and beaches. Miami has a vibrant nightlife and is

renowned for its all-night parties which can go on non-stop until the sun rises the following day. If you

are a party animal, this is the city to put on your Sunday best and head out to one of the numerous

parties the city hosts.

5. Lodging

The cheap lodging is yet another reason why this is a favorite spot of people of all classes. It’s extremely

easy to check-in into a cheap hotel and continue partying with all your money. However, the city also

has swanky hotels in SoBe, where luxury and comfort too can be bought for a price.

6. Cuisines

Miami is truly a melting pot of cultures and each culture has left a delectable mark on the gastronomic

map of the city. The city offers mouth-watering fare in any cuisine you can think of – Mexican, Modern

American, Cuban, and more. It also offers a lot of cheap but delicious street food which will help you

save your dollars for the next party.

7. Shopping

In this colorful city, there is no limit to your shopping list. More than expensive and exotic things, you

should focus on street shopping. You can buy all those cool shades or junk jewelry for a mere $5 to $10.

8. Architecture

Miami is the Art Deco capital in the world. Head to the many museums like Ripley’s museum or Mel

fisher museum. The minimalist and geometric buildings line the area around the beaches and show your

way to the club where you can rock and roll and party till you drop.

9. Metromover

Something you won’t want to miss is a trip on the sky train to cruise past the colorful Freedom Tower,

Financial District and the fancy downtown hotels. A short trip to see Miami from a different perspective

is a must and the sky train offers you this cheap and fun opportunity.

10. The Everglades

Miami has one of the coolest and most unique ecological wonders in the world. It is here in the

Everglades that you will alligators basking in the sun or swimming lazily in the wetlands. Opt for an air

boat tour to check out the hidden treasures of this unique ecosystem.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and go explore all these wonderful reasons to enjoy a Miami tour.

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