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More Things to do in Miami

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More Things to do in Miami

Most visitors to Miami will agree that the city is mystifying, which is one poignant reason why call it the Magic

City. And with it comes glamour and natural beauty, which allure visitors even more. Speaking of beauty, there

is nothing like watching freshwater duck sweep over Biscayne Bay and the fiery sunsets that attract many to

Miami’s pristine beaches.

Move away from natural beauty and you have plenty to soak in from the city’s arts and culture scene, Coral

Gable’s karaoke bars, and South Beach’s nightclubs and Art Deco attractions, which is why you could spend a

great time anytime without ever having to ponder about what to do in Miami.

It all depends on what you are looking for on a Miami vacation. However, whether you are an adrenalin junkie,

a laid back soul, or thirsty for more on a holiday, here are a few things that everyone ought to consider doing

when in the city.

Máximo Gómez Park | Domino Park

The city has a strong Cuban influence that is best experienced at this modest park in Little Havana. The park is

a haven for domino and chess players but is an evocative reminder of Old Cuba. Elderly men proudly puff on

cigars with a vibrant and colorful mural of the 1993 Summit of the Americas in the backdrop, which allows for

a different perspective of Little Havana and is undoubtedly one of the most sensory sites in the city.

The park is located at Calle Ocho or Eighth Street, which is also known for its food and music, and is the

liveliest street not far from Brickell Avenue. There’s not a day when the area isn’t buzzing while many arts fairs

and festivals are held throughout the year.

Carnival at Calle Ocho

Carnival fever is just as it gets at Calle Ocho than it does in Rio. Little Havana hosts a giant cultural festival of

its own just before Lent so make sure to be there if you want to experience a melting pot of all Latin American

cultures. Carnaval Miami on Calle Ocho features top Latin and Cuban artists with the likes of Pitbull and Willy

Chirino having already graced the occasion.

Tower Theater

While in Little Havana you may want to pay a visit to the Tower Theatre located right next to Domino Park.

The park is a historical and cultural landmark that turned from a movie theater to a performance center in the

1950s to entertain Cubans who fled their homes. At the turn of the century it was taken over by the Cultural

Affairs Department of Miami Dade College and now hosts a number of award winning films.

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

This Italian villa is a must visit if you want to see the best of 15th century furniture, paintings and decorative

arts. The museum on South Miami Avenue is surrounded by 30 acres of sprawling gardens and Florentine

gazebos that allows for a great walk with nature.

Then again, there is so much more to do in Miami. If you want to know more on how to make the most of your

trip we will be happy to help. Give us a call and we will have our experts take care of all your needs.


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