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Top Five Spas in Miami while visiting our City

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There are high chances that you’re well acquainted with Miami’s party scene, but somewhere along the lines

you’ll find yourself with the need to find yourself a little ‘me’ time to detox and unwind at the end of a tightly

jammed holiday schedule. Miami has countless spas scattered everywhere.

How else do you think the people here maintain tip-top shape and a jovial mood all year round? Thanks to these

joints of ultimate detoxification, which has been keeping depression and despair away for decades, the folks of

this city put on a charming demeanor.

Did you know? The month of July and August bring along a tempting proposition to drive away all your gloom -

Miami Spa month! If you happen to visit Miami during this period, you’re in for a treat. All the spas are obliged

to offer you huge discounts dedicated to the celebration of Zen.

From the scores of spas that you can avail, we’ve whittled it down to the top five that demand to be paid a visit:

1) Canyon Ranch

This 70,000 square foot wellness spa is one of the largest in Florida. Now give your body that much needed

break, and relinquish those knots congregating in your joints. Feeling like a million bucks is just at arm’s length

at Canyon Ranch. With a lot of packages to choose from―the cost of these packages lean towards the

expensive side outside of Spa month. However, every penny spent is definitely well invested towards acquiring

a sound body, mind and soul.

2) Lapis

This is not just a spa but borders on something close to a temple, with the kind of ambiance it offers. The central

attraction is the 75-foot mineral pool that you can soak into. Besides that, it offers a eucalyptus steam bath and

also a rain room, which is a long tunnel with hot and cold water falling from above promising to wash away all

the stress bottled up within your body.

3) Mandarin Oriental

This resort makes for a complete rejuvenating stay. The spa here is truly exceptional. Private rooms and a

delicate setting leave you refreshed and invigorated. There are several options to choose from: now take a

couples massage while watching the exquisite views of Biscayne Bay or simply enjoy a laid-back vibe at the

fish spa. You’ll get the VIP treatment at this place – although your wallet may take a hit, your body will thank

your for it!

4) Spa at Viceroy

This 28,000 sq. ft. facility at Viceroy is the indisputable wonderland of relaxation. It has a 5,000 sq. ft. water

lounge with ceiling high glass windows that enable you to stare at the pristine Key Biscayne as you soak in its

warm ambiance. Laying low in the arms of luxury always comes at the expense of spending lavishly. From its

facials to massages, everything carries an exorbitant price tag on other months. So strike while the iron’s hot

and pay a visit during July- August and experience king-like treatment.

5) The Biltmore Spa

Designed exclusively to let people enjoy the royal treatment, this spa whips up delightful packages that will do

wonders to your skin and body. Get pampered like a princess and top-off your afternoon by getting their famous

Oxygen Lifting Facial that will leave you with a dewy glow that is sure to become the envy of everyone in no


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