Top 10 Tours in Miami

Posted by on Jul 3rd 2015

There are many interesting and exciting things to do in Miami. If you are on vacation in this Magic City, you

need to plan on taking a few of the top ten tours depending on your interests, budget, and time availability.

1. Bus Tours

You can take a double decker bus tour that will take you past the famous Art Deco buildings, Coconut Grove, Coral Cables,

and other distinctive architecture of the city. The tour will stop at the Bayside Market Place, and Little Havana

so that you can shop for souvenirs and taste some of the unique cuisine that Miami is famous for.

2. Segway Tours

Another great way to see the sights around South Beach while also soaking in the sun is to take a Segway tour.

The Segway is self-balancing and is powered by electricity making it eco-friendly and easy to use. The easy to

maneuver vehicle is a personal transport that ensures that you can move quickly using a powered vehicle. The

guided tour will help you appreciate the beauty of the Art Deco buildings and the open air mall apart from

taking you past the Holocaust memorial and other points of interest.

These machines are so much fun it is incredible.

3. Walking and Biking Tours

Those who prefer to take in the sights at a slower pace can flip the switch for guided walking tours or a biking

tour. You will be able to explore the Magic City better as you will be moving among the locals and tourists

close to the shops and attractions of Miami.

4. Helicopter and Airplane Tours

You can obtain another perspective on Miami and the life in Key West by taking a helicopter or airplane tour.

These tours will provide a bird’s eye view of life in the islands and Miami. The views are breathtaking as you

will be able to see the green islands set in the azure sea.

5. Dolphin Tours

If you want to watch dolphin pods frolicking in the sea, take a dolphin tour that will take you to see to spot these

lovable creatures in their natural habitat.

6. Glassbottom Tours

The coral reef off the coast of Miami is the third largest in the world and home to a variety of marine life.

Observe them in their natural state in comfort by taking a glassbottom tour that will enable you to see the coral

reef through the glass bottom of the boat and the clear waters of the ocean.

7. Jet Ski Island Tour

If you are looking for a more adventurous way to sightsee the islands, you can take a jet ski tour. This can also

include a picnic on one of the islands.

8. Kayak Tours

A kayak tour of the islands will also take you past pods of dolphins and sea turtles. These tours can be timed to

help you watch the sunset form the ocean.

9. Sunset Tours

These tours for families or couples can be on kayaks, catamarans, or schooners and provide a view that is

spectacular and colorful of the sun sinking into the sea.

10. Key West Tour

Key West is such a tranquil isalnd. Going to Key West is lots of fun. There are many activities and attractions to visit in Key West. Crossing 42 bridges and 43 island to the last is such an excitement. Once arriving and enjoying a six hour free time at the island is priceless.