The Beach Loop on Miami Double-Decker Tours: Combining Beach Activities

Posted by on Jul 7th 2015

So you have just acquired a free, 48-hours pass for a Miami double-decker bus tour as an offer for booking a

specific hotel room, and wondering what to do with it. To make the best use of your 48-hours pass for the

Miami double-decker bus tour, use these exciting ideas that can add a little spark to the Beach Loop.

If you had all along wanted to take the Beach Loop on this tour, then make a point to be at the Central Station

around 9 in the morning. For the beach loop, the earlier you start in the day, the better. On the beach area, you

can spend your lazy time by pursuing the following activities:

Gazing at the Ocean:

You can choose to laze and relax under the bright morning sun, and enjoy a cool drink

while watching other people! The South Beach area is always filled with celebrities or the “rich and famous”

people of US, so you never know whom you meet! With a digital camera, you may even capture some

unforgettable poses of celebrity subjects.

Sailing on the Biscayne Bay:

With some friends or acquaintances, you can form a group and book a boat tour

on the Biscayne Bay! These tours, lasting for at least a couple of hours, provides the golden opportunity of

sailing past the historic landmarks of Miami, witnessing underwater marine parks, and viewing the palatial

residences of celebrities and the Rich and Famous around Millionaire’s Bay.

Teeing off on the beach:

The imposing Miami Beach Golf Club is within the Miami Beach area, so you have

the option of playing golf for some hours. The only requirement for this pleasurable activity is that you must

book your “tee time” five days in advance! The club is usually open to its members, and allows outsiders with

advance bookings.

Taking a fishing excursion:

All you need to do is book a private charter boat for half a day, or hop into a

shared charter boat. If you are an experienced fishing enthusiast, there is every possibility that your will return a

tuna or a grouper! The Miami Beach has lived up to the expectations of the veteran, game-fishing enthusiasts of

the world.

The most interesting fact about the Miami double-decker tour is that the tour schedule allows much freedom to

spend part of the day pursuing personal tourist activities. The City Loop takes passengers to the historic district,

and the Beach Loop travels through the South Beach area; so depending on what you want, you can combine

one of the loops with some other tourism activities.

The option of booking your double-decker bus tour well ahead, and plan to combine the City Loop with a

couple of related city attractions like art galleries or museums, and combine the Beach Loop with attractions

like the Art Deco monuments. This type tour plan allows you to combine either of the loops with a little bit of