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Miami has many attractions such as its sunny beaches, malls, Art Deco neighborhood, museums, parks, Seaquarium, and zoo. The vibrant nightlife and the shopping and restaurants on Ocean Drive are very enjoyable, a marvelous way to ensure that you see the whole of Miami before deciding on your favorite activity is to take one of the tours in Miami.

The Double Decker tour of Miami is an incredible way to see the entire city and island of Miami comfort and ease. The air conditioned red double decker bus starts from the main terminal and covers all the most interesting parts of Miami.

Nothing Left Out

The narrated tour of Miami will help you capture the magic and glamour the place in comfort. The tours depart twice a day and you can be sure that you have not missed any of the most important sights.

Board a double decker bus for tours of Miami on the first day and take in the best of Miami. You will be able to visit Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, Coconut Grove, Coral Beach, the Bayside Market, and drive past the colorful Art Deco buildings that take you to an older, gracious era. The tours in Miami are designed to give you time for a Cocowalk in the Coconut Grove as well as shop at the Bayside Market.

The DoubleDecker bus tours in Miami are an affordable and time saving way of taking in the sights of Miami. The narration will fill you in on all the important information.

A Fantastic Day

First time visitors to Miami can take a bus tour of Miami on their first day and decide where they want to spend the rest of their stay. Or, visitors can complete a tour of Miami and then take additional tours by boat to the Bay of Biscayne or visit the Seaquariaum, museums, and other places of interest on the subsequent days.

The Best Way to Visit Miami

Tours in Miami by bus are affordable and a fabulous way to quickly take in all the sights of the city. The trip takes you through the most famous and beautiful parts of Miami such as Ocean Drive and South Beach. With strategic stops at places where visitors would like to spend additional time, the tour makes it convenient for visitors to cover many of the sights of Miami in a single day. Take one of the tours of Miami in the day and spend the evenings and nights on South Beach and the restaurants close by to experience every aspect of pleasure that Miami has to offer.

The Bayside Mall has over 150 shops that encourage you to browse and look for souvenirs even as you enjoy the breeze from the sea and the sun. This provides a sterling shopping experience and a glimpse into what makes a vacation in Miami such a sought after experience.

Whether you are travelling with a partner or friend or with your family, the Double Decker tours in Miami will enable you to obtain a complete view of the city at an affordable cost.


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