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Miami Sightseeing Tours

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Miami Sightseeing Tours

Miami with its sunny climate, sea, surf, and sand is a sought after vacation destination. Whether you are

planning a family holiday with young children or a trip with your partner or friends, Miami has plenty to offer

every visitor that comes her way.

The Magic City has museums and art shows for children and adults, spectacular sunsets that can be viewed

from the sea, great beaches, the wildlife of the Everglades, authentic Hispanic culture in Little Havana, a zoo, a

Seaquarium, majestic architecture such as the pastel colored Art Deco buildings, the modern Bricknell financial

district, the oldest continually inhabited modern community of Coconut Grove, and the authentic European style

houses in the Coral gables community. In addition, visitors to Miami can enjoy going past the homes of

celebrities and the locations where Hollywood movies were filmed.

Save Time and Costs

With so much to offer, any vacation in Miami can become rushed, especially if you have to drive yourself to the

various holiday destinations, battling rush hour traffic, obtaining directions, and finding parking slots. Instead,

you can pre-book a seat in one of Miami Double Decker’s Miami sightseeing tours. The online booking offers a

discount and you can be assured of a seat on the bus.

The Miami sightseeing tours can comprise only a bus tour or include a boat tour as well. Either way, you will be

able to see all of the most important sights of Miami, learn insider information about Miami from the narration,

and spend time taking a Cocowalk or shopping at the bayside Market Place. These tours are affordable and

provide you with a comprehensive view of Miami within a few hours.

Hands Free Experience

The Miami sightseeing tours are designed to enable you to relax in the sun, take photos, and enjoy the view of

the city and its attractions without having to take the wheel. Let the bus take you to Little Havana for lunch and

to the Bayside Market Place for an unforgettable shopping experience, secure in the knowledge that you will be

able to experience Miami without having to spend a fortune on transportation nor worry about getting a driving

ticket or a fender bender.

You do not have to worry about trying to find a parking place either!

Find Time for Special Activities

By taking one of the Miami sightseeing tours, you will be able to visit all of the most important attractions of

Miami in a few hours, leaving you with plenty of time to sunbathe, scuba dive, explore the Everglades, visit the

Children’s Museum, or the art houses.

Moreover, as the bus and boat tour is affordable, you will have more money left to shop, dine out, or spend on a

few favorite activities.

Miami sightseeing tours ensure that you can enjoy the best of both worlds, experiencing a wonderful tour of

Miami while saving time and money. These tours are also ideal for those visiting Miami for work as well. If you

have a few hours to spare, simply take a sightseeing tour and explore the city and its attractions without

worrying about having to rent a car or cab. You will be able to see most of the attractions of the city within a

few hours.

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