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Tour Miami by Bus and See the Magic City come to Life

Miami has innumerable things to engage a vacationer, however most travelers fall in love with its glamour,

condensed into urban form. Miami is aptly known as the Magic City. You can feel its mystical charm in its

architectural wonders, natural treasures, sunset galore, and loads more. And then, you have the less-traditional

beauty: poetry smash in a transformed warehouse, or a Venezuelan singing concert in a Coral Gables karaoke

bar that acts as an icing on the cake.

What to See?

Explore the attractions of Miami in an open-air double decker bus. Devote time to admire the spectacular views

of the city’s striking skyline, walk the glamorous South Beach and see amazing districts like Little Havana.

With access to nearly 20 stops along 2 routes, you have the liberty to tour Miami on your own pace. You may

take the beach tour to explore the beautiful Macarthur Causeway and everything that comes en route.

Feel the amiable breeze on your face as you pass by the palm trees. Get down at any place that peaks your

interest and spend as much time you want to. The beach loop tour takes you to different destinations including

Miami Beach Marina, Fontainbleu, Old Miami Beach City Hall, Shops at 5th & Alton, and Jungle Island.

You may also take a City Route tour and explore the mesmerizing districts of Miami. Start your day by seeing

the tropical vegetation of Coconut Grove and then stop by Coral Gables, noted for its Venetian Pool. The city

tour takes you to different destinations such as Venetian Pool, Coconut Grove, Little Havana, and Cuban


The best part about bus tours are their hop-on hop-off feature, i.e. you enjoy the freedom to get down at places

that interests you the most. Make sure to carry your camera, as you never know when you’ll come by a

delightful sight! Capture the implausible sights in your film and you may treasure your holiday memories for a

lifetime. The bus tours make every possible effort to show you Miami from an altogether different perspective.

Budget is an important factor, which you need to consider while planning for a tour. If you want to see the

Magic City in an economical way, then the bus tours turn out to be great choice. You may either take a bus from

its specified terminus or hop-on en route.

Tour Highlights

Some of prominent sights that you can expect to see are as follows:

 Explore the different Miami sights on your own pace

 Choice of different routes

 Flexibility to create your own itinerary

 Can hop on and off as many times you want to

 Well-narrated tours

 Professional and knowledgeable guides

Miami has every ingredient to keep you hooked on till the end of your trip. And bus tours are an ideal way

through which you can travel to unique places. Make your reservations online and grab pleasant discounts from

us. We offer distinctive tours and packages that cater to the needs of even the most discerning traveler.


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