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Miami Tours – What to See

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Miami Tours – What to See

Though enticing, it would be futile to simply push yourself down on a beach when in Miami. In fact, there is

much to see in Miami, other than the sugary beaches. For instance, you can take leisurely walks around Coconut

Grove, South Beach, Coral Gables, and Little Havana. And then, there are economic tours by public

transportation, bike tours and driving trips to match your needs. You can also take Miami city tours, day trips to

the Bahamas and Orlando as well as Biscayne Bay cruises.

Why Choose Miami as your travel destination?

The balmy breeze and warm ambience of the Magic City are the top reasons why vacationers choose Miami as

their vacationing destination. The amiable climate of this sultry city will give you enough scope to tour the city

on your own pace. Miami has something for everybody.

Whether you want to take a stroll by the sugary beaches or feel delighted seeing the architectural wonders of the

Art Deco District, there are plenty of things to keep you engaged. And when planning for your Miami tours, you

should include South Beach to your list. After all, there’s something special about this stretch of ocean front.

The striking Art Deco hotels, friendly locals and classic cars are a treat to your eyes. Some of the top things that

you should try doing on your Miami vacation are as follows:

People watching on South Beach – One of the hotspots in the city, South Beach makes a great destination for

people watching. From partying to shopping, this lively part of Miami Beach carves a niche for its chic shops

and bars. South Beach is pretty expensive when compared to the other regions; but then the experience that you

gain here is second to none. For an exemplary Miami Beach experience, prefer visiting South Beach at least


Everglades Tour – Spread across 1.5 million acres of, swamps, prairies and sub-tropical jungles, the

Everglades is an equally popular place in Miami. It is a famous public park in the United States that is home to

14 rare and endangered species, including the American Crocodile, Florida Panther, and the West Indian


Vizcaya Estate – One of the must see destinations in Miami is the historical 50-acre Vizcaya estate. If you are a

historical buff, then you will certainly love your visit to this European-style building.

Coral Castle – One of the most unique attractions in Miami, Coral Castle was constructed by a Latvian-born

Miami resident named Ed Leedskalnin as a memorial to his lover. You don’t have to travel much from

Downtown to reach this destination.

Beach Diaries – In addition to South Beach, other beach destinations that are worth giving a try include

Haulover Beach, Virginia South Beach, and Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.

Underworld Adventures – This is one of the several tours that take you to the Art Deco District. On this tour,

you can see various hotspots of illegal activity such as Al Capone’s office.

Miami offers an awesome experience to visitors. Get in touch with us today and look for promising tours and



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