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Miami to Key West Transportation: Multiple Choices

While Miami guarantees a sizzling nightlife, glamorous beaches, and rich culture, Key West carves a niche for

its long stretches of sand. Why not enjoy the best of both worlds by planning for a Miami and Key West tour?

Every year, thousands of tourists flock to these seaside locations and spend some days in perfect relaxation.

Approximately 160 miles apart, vacationers may choose from various Miami to Key West transportation

options including a car, bus, airplane, or boat.

By Air

There are regular flights or puddle jumpers (small planes) from Miami to Key West. Besides, many airlines also

operate indirect flights to Key West from Miami with one or more stopovers. Only American Airlines offers

direct flights and it takes about 40 minutes to reach Key West from Miami. This can be quite expensive but really 

quick to arrive with no sightseeing along the way.

By Rental Cars

You can get in touch with the car rental firms in Miami for your trip to Key West. There are several smaller

independent firms and big brands that provide rental services. By road, an array of bridges and US Highway 1

connects the Florida Keys to mainland Florida. From Miami, you may take the Florida Turnpike and then

proceed towards Highway 1 south which finally meets at Key West. It takes about three and a half hours to

reach Key West from Miami.

However, a slow drive with traffic and stopovers can extend the time to a little over four hours. A major detail

to note while you are traveling by road is that Key West has stringent speed restrictions, particularly when you

pass through reserve regions. Renting a car has its setback whilve arriving to Key West may be hard to find parking.

By Shuttle or Bus

You may either hire a shuttle service or plan for a bus tour if you are looking for reasonable options to travel to

Key West. With shuttles, you can enjoy door to door pick up and drop services. There are both chartered and

schedule services available to reach Key West. Besides, you may also choose the Key West 1 Day Tour to reach your

destination. However, in that case this is the best option to travel to Key West. The raised sightseeing bus tour allows 

you to see over the trees while enroute to Key West. This enables best for sightseeing while traveling to Key West. 

You will cross 42 bridges and 43 islands to the last which is called Key West. This is the best option to reach the island.

Traveling from Miami to Key West by bus is relaxing and fun. The bus stops on one of the islands for breakfast for

30 minutes. Once arriving to Key West you will have 6 hours of free time in the island. You also have the option of

staying overnight. There are many funfilled activites to do while visiting Key West.


By Ferry

One of the major reasons why you should take a ferry ride from Miami to Key West is to keep away from

traffic. The ferry ride takes approximately three hours to take you to Key West. The ferries are well equipped

with sundecks, snack bar, and big TV screens and welcomes you with their warm and cozy ambience. Cruise

ships are yet another way to travel to Key West from Miami provided you don’t mind dishing out some extra cash!

Getting in and around Key West

Once you enter the island city, you’ll find other common ways to explore it. For instance, you may rent bikes or

scooters and travel at your own pace. Those traveling in groups can hire a shuttle to travel within the Old Town

area. Electric cars too are a superb way to explore the island.

With several Miami to Key West transportation choices at your end, you don’t have to really worry about

getting into the city and exploring its treasures.