Jungle Island

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One on One Experiences with Lemurs, Kangaroos, and even Condors


Jungle Island in Miami

Are you an animal lover eyeing an exotic wildlife tour sometime soon? Well, in that case you can plan for the

Jungle Island tour. Animal lovers are sure to have a good time on this island. Open round the year, it is a noted

Miami attraction that hosts special events and shows for the entertainment of the vacationers.

What Shows are included in the tour?

On your tour, we take you to the three noted shows i.e. Winged Wonders, Wild Encounter, and Wild

Adventures. If you are traveling with kids, then they can spend an awesome time watching the wild animals and

birds perform. While the Winged Wonders enchants the audiences with some of the most jovial and beautiful

birds across the globe, the Wild Encounter is all about the fascinating felines. And not to mention, the Wild

Adventures familiarizes you with the most bizarre and rare residents of the jungle.

Tour to the Parrot Cove

Once you are content watching the adventurous shows, we take you to the Parrot Cove; an exclusive private

beach in Miami. Hop-off and enjoy the spectacular views of downtown Miami from the tropical beach. Once

you have got an up-close view of some of the most wonderful animals, proceed to Parrot Cove for an

adventurous experience.

Located at the tip of the Jungle Island, the beach oasis is a marvelous place to sit back and relax! Adventure

enthusiasts can also have their share of joy in the water playground with different fun obstacles like the

trampoline, action tower, balance beams, catapult, high jump, swing and slide. You’ll also find an adjacent

climbing wall that gives even a proficient climber a test of stamina and strength. Considering the safety of the

vacationers, Jungle Island has restricted the water park to a maximum of sixty people per hour.

A Unique Opportunity to Interact with the Animals

Immerse yourself in an adventurous world and explore the Jungle Island as never before. Choose the different

adventurous tours included below and interact with the animal world!

VIP Safari Tours

Take a private VIP safari tour and treat yourself to an adventurous Jungle voyage where you can get personal

and up-close with some of the most charming animals. On your tour, we give you ample time to interact with

rare lemurs, playful monkeys, baby alligators, and tiger cubs, among the others. No, you cannot take one home

with you!

Lemur Experience Tour

Create an experience of a lifetime by choosing the Lemur Experience Tour. The Jungle Island welcomes you to

explore a rare opportunity where you get to interact with the striking lemurs. On your tour, you can play with

these cheerful little animals and have a good time. Our guide will educate you about the Madagascan beauties

and the consequences that have led to their extinction. While the Lemur Experience tour is offered every day,

yet you need to make your reservations well in advance so as to avoid the last minute rush.

Critter Encounter Tour

On this tour you’ll not only get a chance to interact with the animals but then can also feed them at the petting


A wildlife tour is a much appreciated one if you have deep passion for animals and birds. And for a memorable

wildlife tour, prefer making your way to the Jungle Island.