Up Close and Personal on a Miami Tour

Posted by www.MiamiTours.com on Jan 22nd 2016

Up Close and Personal on a Miami Tour

The balmy breeze and pleasant ambience of Miami lures vacationers year after year. The gracious climate gives

you promising scope to tour the city on your own pace. You may take a leisurely stroll by the sandy beaches or

spend a great time exploring the architectural wonders of the Art Deco District. And then, the incredible Art

Deco hotels, humble locals, and fashionable cars are a treat to watch.

Travel in Style and Comfort

Step into a clean and flawless bus and enjoy a cherished tour of Miami. Whether you want to see the historic

sites of this marvelous city or are keen on taking a trip to the nature parks, Miami tours give you a taste of

everything. Give a kick start to your tour at the popular Art Deco District. Explore the stupendous artistic

wonders at leisure, capture them in your camera and once satisfied, you can make your way to Miami’s

charming causeways to find unique architectural masterpieces.

Next, you can visit the gorgeous Coral Gables, lively Brickell, delightful Coconut Grove, and vivacious Little

Havana. You may also hop-off at Domino Park on Calle Ocho or at an amiable cigar shop in Little Havana to

shop for some Cuban coffee. Some of the other destinations that you can expect to see on your Miami tour are

Vizcaya Museum, Versace Mansion, Venetian Pool, the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple, Freedom Tower, and

Downtown Miami.

Miami and its Attractions

The Magic City has enough reasons to keep you engaged till the end of your trip. Some of the top things that

you can try out when in Miami are:

People watching on South Beach – One of the favorite destinations in the city, South Beach is a good place for

people watching. From shopping at exquisite malls to partying till late night, this vivacious part of Miami Beach

is known for its chic shops and bars. It is true South Beach calls for extravagance; but then the experience,

which you gain here, is simply amazing.

Everglades Tour– Spread across 1.5 million acres of marshes, plains and sub-tropical jungles, the Everglades

is one of the most frequented destinations in Miami. It is a well-known public park in the United States that

houses 14 rare and endangered species, including the Florida Panther, American Crocodile, and the West Indian


Vizcaya Estate – One of the must visit places in Miami; the Vizcaya Museum is spread across 50 acres.. The

European-style building is a famous point for all history admirers. If you too belong to this group, then make

sure to drop by soon!

Coral Castle – The credit for constructing the beautiful Coral Castle goes to a Latvian-born Miami resident

named Ed Leedskalnin. He had built this unique attraction in memory of his lover.

Its beaches and beaches everywhere – Besides the vivacious South Beach, other beach destinations, which are

worth giving a try, include Virginia South Beach, Haulover Beach, and Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.

Miami offers a remarkable experience to visitors. For custom tours and packages to Miami, visit us today.