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Miami Tours & Miami Bus Tours

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Miami Tours & Miami Bus Tours

Miami is the sole US city bounded by two national parks, i.e. the Everglades National Park on the west and

Biscayne National Park on the east. Discovered by Julia Tuttle, it is the only prominent US city that was

founded by a woman. Vacationers travel to Miami to explore its varied tourist attractions.

The Magic City has loads to offer to its guests starting from treasured wildlife areas, sightseeing tours of

momentous landmarks and extending up to “Millionaire’s Row,” trip, nightlife, and other family activities. On

your Miami tour, make sure to give a thought to:

Nature Tours

Besides its two famous national parks, Miami houses other attractions where adults as well as kids can enjoy

nature, including zoos and aquariums. Spread across 2,500-square-mile, Everglades National Park is the biggest

US subtropical backwoods and home to unusual and rare species. On the other hand, 97% of the 172,000-acre

Biscayne National Park is surrounded by water. It houses islands, coral reefs with over 500 fish species and

endangered wildlife, including the manatee. These parks are also a good base for enjoying outdoor activities

such as hiking, guided boat tours and canoeing.

Museums & Performing Arts

Miami is home to a variety of museums and performing arts theatres with programs for people of all ages. The

Miami Children’s Museum provides interactive activities as well as shows for children, such as a two-story

sandcastle, a six-foot piggy bank, and a health and wellness hub. The Jewish Museum of Florida is yet another

well-known option that houses a collection of over 100,000 items. The collection includes immigration papers,

family photos, and artifacts donated by the residents of Florida.

History and Culture Tours

The multi-cultural heritage of Miami includes Spanish explorers, Seminole Indians, and Latin American

settlers. Miami neighborhoods, momentous attractions and yearly events symbolize the perfect blend off

cultures, which have left their marks on Miami. The Magic City includes 13 neighborhoods that carve a niche

for their historic landmarks.

Dining and Nightlife Tours

If you are a foodie, then you’ll certainly fall for the American cuisine, Latin flavors, seafood, Caribbean fare

and intercontinental cuisine that the Magic City serves. Miami is also noted for its nightclubs with live music

and fine dining. Drop by any local restaurant and tantalize your taste buds with dishes infused with ingredients

from various cultures.

Spending a couple of days away from your routine chores is indeed an amazing experience! Away from the

hustle and bustle of the city life, Miami promises to give you a fresh start! If flawless wildlife has always lured

you, then Everglades is your place to be! And for those who share a deep passion for pastel hued buildings of

Miami Beach’s Art Deco Historic District, can take a self-guided audio or a walking tour to explore the 1930s

architectural treasures.

When tired of walking, make sure to hop-on on a double decker bus and continue with the rest of your

exploration. Beach lovers too can have their share of joy lazing around in the beaches or indulging in other

activities such as diving, canoeing, paddle-boarding, snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, and fish. For

adventurous and exclusive Miami tours, come to us.


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