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Miami Tours | Miami Attractions

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Miami Tours | Miami Attractions

Top Miami Attractions for Kids

This subtropical beach paradise has been playing host to visitors of all ages, and has grown to be a major South

Florida family travel hotspot. Miami is as much an interesting mélange of family attractions, as it is a frenzied

hub for beach party lovers.

Its versatile beaches, coupled with a year round pleasant climate and ecological diversity make it a much

sought after family travel destination. Here are some of the city’s top family travel attractions that are sure to

win over the children, and have you returning for more.

Miami Zoo

The Miami Zoo is one of the most popular open wildlife enclosures on the planet. It houses over 2,000 creatures

in a fascinating close-encounter cage-less setting. There’s emphasis is as much on conservation and wildlife

education as fun and adventure.

The zoo’s huge open air exhibits allow children to appreciate the beauty of the region’s wildlife from close

proximity in a safe and thoughtful manner. The format of the zoo paves way for plenty of interaction, which is

why the place is immensely popular with families. It’s almost as like a safari tour.

Among other things, there‘s a giraffe feeding station, a children’s barn, thrilling camel rides and an extensive

range of beautiful orchids within the zoo premises. Several Miami tours make a stopover at the zoo, and other

family attractions.

Jungle Island

Jingle Island is Miami’s lush bird sanctuary, botanical park and animal habitat. Originally created as the city’s

Parrot Jungle (where the trained aerials kept visitors amused with their shows), the attraction is today inhabited

by more than 1,000 tropical aerials and about 2000 indigenous botanical wonders.

Whether it’s feeding the parrots in the aviary or catching one of the shows in the amphitheatre, kids love the

natural diversity and entertaining shows here. Don’t forget to watch the nocturnal wildlife presentation and the

jungle’s unique white alligator.

Miami Seaquarium

This is the Florida holiday season’s most preferred family attraction. Miami Seaquarium’s daily shows featuring

dolphins, whales and seals are a rage with young children. The seaquarium features huge observation tanks, and

is engaged in a large number of rescue/rehabilitation programs for the region’s endangered creatures.

One of the most popular attractions is the “swim with dolphins” program, which gives visitors the opportunity

to understand the behavior and natural origins of these fascinating creatures. An interesting bit of trivia from

the Miami Seaquarium is that some of the dolphins performing at here are descendants of star dolphins of the

60’s show “Flipper”.

Miami Children’s Museum

The Miami Children’s Museum is conveniently housed right opposite the Jungle Island, and can be combined

with the later for a fun day out with the kids. The attraction simulates different settings such as banks, shopping

centers and restaurants to help kids try their hands on a variety of daily skills.

Another draw at the museum are the unique and interactive exhibits. Tiny tots can enjoy the sand castle play,

while the older kids can put their adventure skills to test at the rock climbing wall.

So many Miami Tours. Which Miami Tours do you want to do?


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