Explore Miami’s Classic Attractions

Posted by www.MiamiTours.com on Dec 31st 2015

Explore Miami’s Classic Attractions

Ask any regular Miami citizen and they will agree that the city isn’t just about beaches and hot bods. Whether

you are a first time traveler, a quintessential backpacker, or a family looking for a great vacation, Miami is one

city that will never disappoint.

No doubt, visiting a new city and an exotic destination can be a bit overwhelming. However, with a bit of

preparation there will always be enough time to squeeze in some of Miami’s classic attractions. Here are a few

we’ve handpicked to make your trip a memorable one.

Hotels and Museums

Visiting a hotel may seem like an odd suggestion in terms of attractions. However, The Biltmore, in Coral

Gables is a place you won’t want to miss for a taste of true luxury. The hotel has played host to many greats

from Bing Cosby to Judy Garland and the infamous Al Capone. You can dine at some of its finest restaurants,

sip on a few exotic cocktails, and even tee off at its 18-hole championship course.

The hotel is also home to a massive lagoon that serves as its swimming pool. Then again, some of Miami’s

hotels are its best Art Deco attractions built back in the 1920s. A stroll along Ocean Drive is enough to marvel

at the very best of Art Deco architecture.

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens in the peaceful neighborhood of Coconut Grove ought to be on your checklist. The

bay front mansion, formerly the home of a wealthy businessman, features some rare treasures, 19th century

antiques, art collections and much more. It’s sprawling European-inspired gardens are reminiscent of Italy and

France in the 17th and 18th centuries. Entry to the museum is well worth the $16 fee for adults and $5 for

children ages 6 to 12.

Zoos, Parks, and Aquariums

Zoo Miami in the Kendall area on 152nd Street is one place you cannot afford to miss if you are with kids on a

holiday. The sprawling 340-acre zoo is home to over 3,000 animals, many of which frolic in large open-air

exhibits. Some of the prime attractions at the zoo include the Family Aviary, Kaziranga Camp Rhino Encounter,

and the 27-acre Amazon and Beyond. The kids will have a great time feeding parrots and listening to interesting

narrations by zookeepers.

Miami Seaquarium on Key Biscayne is the oldest ocenarium in the country that lets you get as close to marine

life as one ever could. Who would want to miss the chance to swim alongside dolphins? Then again, you could

go even deeper and explore a 300,000 gallon tropical reef.

Everglades tours are also among Miami’s classic attractions. The 1.5 million acre Everglades National Park is

the third largest in the Continental US and is home to several rare and endangered species. This is a great place

to enjoy nature at its best with a choice of hiking and biking trails. There are four visitor centers from where you

can join guided boat tours.

For more on Miami’s classic attractions, accommodation and packages, feel free to call us now. Our tour

planners have all the skills and resources to make your holiday as enjoyable as possible.