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Key West Day Tour From Miami


7 Mile Bridge

No, terrorists in Mission Impossible III and Harrier jets in True Lies did not really blow it up!

Make your way to one of the most inimitable motor journeys! Driving through the picturesque 110 mile

Overseas Highway with combined views of the ocean, natural wonders and 42 bridges is something that makes

you fall for this place repeatedly. While each region of the Florida Keys has its own magical charm, one major

point of interest that the state boasts of is the 7 mile bridge. It’s an iconic bridge that connects Knight's Key in

the Middle Keys to Little Duck Key in the Lower Keys.

Historical Background

Often referred to as the 8th wonder of the world, this incredible band of steel and concrete changed the history of

the Florida Keys. It is the main connecting point between the mainland of Florida and Key West. The 7 mile

bridge was completed in 1982 and at that point of time, it was the longest unremitting bridge across the globe.

Even today, it is tagged as one of the longest bridges in the United States. The bridge is further divided into two

bridges that run parallel.

The older bridge is referred to as the Knights Key-Pigeon Key-Moser Channel-Pacet Channel Bridge, and was

constructed from 1909-1912. A wider and sturdier bridge was constructed next to it from 1978 to 1982 to

accommodate taller ships and modern traffic. Though the older Seven Mile Bridge was shoved out of Florida’s

transportation system, yet a portion of it is still used as fishing piers and as well as for getting into the Pigeon


Today, the Old 7 mile bridge to Pigeon Key is listed among the National Register of Historic Places. In fact, it

is also home to the authentic museum that documents the construction of the Overseas Railroad.

Driving across the Seven Mile Bridge

There’s nothing like a road trip across the 7 mile bridge. In fact, driving across the 7 mile bridge is an adventure

in itself. You get a glorious view of the waters and the so-called “parallel bridge”. Make sure to keep your

cameras ready and capture some awesome pictures on your way. If you drive on early mornings, you’ll be

mesmerized by the charismatic appeal of the bridge. En route you will also find pedestrians walking on the old

seven mile bridge, as it now serves as a walkway.

An Enjoyable Ride on Henry

In past years, millions of vacationers enjoyed a ride on “Henry” – a genuine looking train designed to help

people get into Pigeon Key. Presently, because of some structural issues of the bridge, “Henry” hasn’t been able

to cross the span. But then, there are other means to visit Pigeon Key. For instance, you can certainly enjoy a

ferry ride, bike ride or travel on foot.

Take a break from your everyday chores, plan for a quick vacation and get going! Drive across the 7 mile

bridge, see the panoramic views that come en route and create memories of a lifetime. It is perhaps one of the

unforgettable experiences that you will take back from your Key West vacation.