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Key West Bus Tours

The Best Bus Tour to Key West from Miami | Buy Tickets Now!

Getting to the United States' southernmost island is an adventure in itself. Located approximately 160 miles

south of Miami at the extreme end of US Highway 1, Key West is an island city noted for its historical

buildings, culture, beaches, and much more. The drive down to the Island is perhaps the most beautiful and

unique drives that you can experience in the US.

From Miami, it takes about three and a half hours to reach Key West. While various transportation choices are

available to reach Key West, yet most favor a bus tour, given its affordability and convenience.

Sightseeing on the Way

Take a Miami to Key West bus tour and you’ll fall in love with the enchanting route. The buses make a move

via the Overseas Highway and you get an opportunity to enjoy all the fun that comes on your way. You may

also do some sightseeing, shoot some pictures and discover Key West at your own pace. You can double your

vacation joys by combining your bus trip with an enthralling island activity.

The Best Part about the Bus Tour to Key West

Bus tours are an ideal choice for budget travelers who don’t want to shell out too much cash on their vacation,

yet want to explore the island at its best. Moreover, by choosing bus tours you keep yourself aloof from the

hassles of renting a car or shuttle.

You don’t have to worry about a parking space every time you head towards a new tourist spot. You don’t have

to take the pains to chalk out a tour itinerary either. The tour operators and guide well plan the complete tour.

All you need to do is book your tickets, sit back and relax! With that done, you can devote most of your time

sightseeing or indulging in activities that you have yearned for long.

What to know about the bus tour to Key West

When you are making reservations for the bus, make sure you avail the buses from the specified stops and be

there on time. The departure and return details are usually provided in advance to the tourists. For some hotels,

pick up and drop services are available. Check out the List of Hotels we pick up from. If your hotel is not listed dont


Upon reaching Key West

Once you have reached the island, you can choose the locale bus tour to Key West, popularly referred to as

“hop-on-hop-off” trolley tour. The trolley tour in Key West is an outstanding way to explore the historic island.

Book your ticket and relax in the bus while the professional tour guides narrates to you the ancient days of the

wrecks, pirates as well as the Civil War. You can hop off wherever you like to explore the attraction and then

re-board when you are content with your sightseeing desires. That’s perhaps the best way to see the panoramic

views of Key West.

Bus tour to Key West from Miami is a comprehensive tour that covers several points of interest en route. Be a

part of this wonderful tour and you’ll definitely have a joyful experience to value for years to come.